Taylor Meagher Bridals: Dr. Reaux's Chateau

Being a daddy to two little girls has opened my eyes, to say the least, when it comes to getting 'fancy' and dressing up.  From tutus, tiaras and feather boas to dresses, gowns and veils, brides are simply living out their very own fairytale and portraying the image they've set out for themselves long before they can remember.  I love being able to capture these moments, as I can only imagine a bride's younger self would have danced, played, posed in the very same way.  After all, photography is capturing the spirit and essence of our inner child and later being able to view it digitally, or on film, thus allowing us to cherish every moment and pay homage to our very first dreams.

Taylor, you made a beautiful bride and I had so much fun with your bridals and wedding.  Cheers to many, many happy years of dancing and making silly faces with Troy.