James & Alison Engagements: Jungle Gardens

Do you ever feel afraid?

Afraid of looking awkward or just being worried about knowing what to do? That was exactly how Alison felt going into her engagement session and I know it's a very common feeling! 

I know how to have fun and be relaxed. I know how to make you look good. Most importantly I know how to get you to look like your natural self! If you ever just want to have a good time and have some beautiful pictures that reflect you, I got ya!

Here's a quote straight from Alison about how she was feeling throughout her session:

"I was really nervous at first and I think James was also. I've never felt that comfortable with having my picture taken because I'm always afraid I'll look awkward and I was worried about not knowing what to do or how to pose but after maybe 10 minutes I felt comfortable. You were so easy going and fun with it and the fact that you gave a lot of direction with posing as far as how to stand and where to look etc made me feel so much better and a lot less nervous about looking awkward or uncomfortable. We ended up having a really good time!"


Mark Aycock