Joseph & Brittany: New Orleans Engagement

Joseph and Brittany wanted to do their engagement session in New Orleans, which was/is awesome!  They also wanted part of their session to be at night which was out of the box a little for me!   I'm so glad they did though, it was a lot of fun being stretched do something that I wasn't used to.  Plus, they loved the results, as did I, and thats a pretty important thing.

We started off with a walk on the bank of the might Mississippi River and then went to a park and the quarter for a few shots.  When we were done with that, the sun was almost gone, so we slipped into a bar and had a few beers while watching the Saints game.  Joseph and Brittany are slight fanatics when it comes to the Saints, so this made for a good time.  

Once the sun was down, we went back into the quarter.  We walked, joked, talked to the people on the street, acted like VIP guests as we went up to the balcony over a bar on Bourbon St, and strolled down Canal Street.  It was such a good time!  Finally, being that they are such big Saints fans, we couldn't end the session without throwing on the jerseys and getting a couple of shots in front of the dome!

We had such a good time together!  I'm really looking forward to their wedding.  If it's anything like New Orleans was, it's going to be an absolute blast.