Leon & Rebecca: A Windrush Gardens Engagement

I've known Rebecca for many, many years.  I was her youth minister, I helped coach her in soccer, and I used to hang out at her house playing cards and what not with her parents.  It's definitely a little bit of an odd feeling that I am now taking her engagement pictures with a wedding coming in the not to distant future!  I mean, where did the time go, when did Rebecca get so big, and who is this boy you're deciding to spend the rest of your life with.  

His name is Leon, he's a lawyer in New Orleans, and he's a lot of fun to be around.  We laughed the entire engagement session.  I can definitely see why Rebecca chose Leon to be her one and only.  Rebecca is now a dietitian in Baton Rouge.  She's turned into a beautiful young lady who has a lot of fun, but definitely cracks that whip from time to time.  Leon's gonna have his hands full for sure!  

I'm very proud of the lady you've grown to be 'Becca, and I couldn't be more flattered and excited to be capturing these days for you Leon!