John & Nancy: A Traditional Laos Wedding

I've had the honor of knowing Nancy for over a decade, as we went to school together.  John, on the other hand, we got to know recently when we were lucky enough to have him show us around Oregon during their engagement shoot back in April.  As you can tell, their love for each other is evident and can be seen on both of their faces throughout the entirety of two ceremonies celebrating the merriment of two different cultures.

I have to admit, this might have been one of my favorite weddings I've ever shot.  Being involved in the the Laos culture for a day was so enriching.  The bright colors, deeply rooted tradition and SACRIFICE each family member made to ensure the perfect wedding day could not be rivaled by any other wedding I've had the pleasure of shooting.

Congratulations, John and Nancy!  Ang and I couldn't be more excited for the two of you!