A Breaux Bridge Wedding: Lyle & Heather Guidry

Simple, Loving, Fun, Rainy, and Joyful would be how I describe this wonderful day!   Lyle's lighthearted goofballness character and Heather's more serious/soft smile/but don't cross me (haha) character just simply go perfect together!  I really enjoyed being around these guys all day and watching them interact with love and celebration.  It literally rained the entire day, but not once, did it ever rain on their parade.  They didn't care whether it was raining or the most beautiful day in the world, they were marrying each other and thats all they needed for this day to be perfect.  It was truly an honor to be allowed to capture this wedding!  Congratulations to you, Lyle and Heather, and I wish you many years of happiness!