An Our Lady of Wisdom Wedding: Zach and Emily Pitre

I remember coming from my first meeting with Zach and Emily and being excited about their wedding! One of the things that I loved about them was that they seemed to want to be married for all the right reasons, at least from my point of view. For example, when I asked them what was most important about their wedding day to them, they both immediately said the Mass! They made me set aside time in their wedding day schedule so that they could pray together before they got married. I asked, “any pictures that you absolutely have to have,” they said, a picture with us together and the consecration! Now I’m not trying to say that if this stuff isn’t important to you, then you’re doing it all wrong. It’s just that I love how important this was to them, and I was definitely impacted by this during their ceremony! We knew their wedding was going to be beautiful and that the reception would be fun, but we had NO idea we’d have that much fun! The bridal party was an absolute blast, the band was incredible and it turns out Zach is an undercover rockstar. Honestly, we couldn’t have been more blessed to play such an important role in such an incredible couple’s marriage! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pitre!

Dress: A-Nets Bridal Boutique

Florist: Acadian Flowers

Cake: Hedi Broussard

Band: Dank Chick