An Acadian Village Engagement: Hunter & Skye

She’s a nurse, he’s doing it big in his dads inspection business and they just bought a beautiful red lab, a bunch of land, and a house in the country. Skye and Hunter have it more put together than some 40 something year olds! At the same time, they’re the most down to earth simple and seemingly easy going couple there is. I truly enjoyed my time walking around Acadian Village and their parents property getting to know these guys more! They felt like old souls in young bodies (that’s definitely meant to be a compliment). In a world that’s so fast paced, go, go, go, they were just happy to be in the moment of the afternoon with one another. I hope y’all love these pictures and I hope they will always remind you of how much you guys love each other. Thank you for having me along in this journey, I can’t wait for your wedding!