A Jungle Gardens Engagement: Leighton & Kayla

Sometimes when you meet people for the first time you walk away with a certain impression of them. Then once you’ve spent a little more time with them, you realize you’re just now seeing who they really are. This happened with Leighton and Kayla. When we first met we got along great. We talked about how long they’d been together and detail things about their wedding day and lots of other things and I really liked them by the end of the meeting. However by the time their engagement session was over I realized I had gotten to know another side of them that I didn’t see in our meeting! There’s this young, endearing, “calmness” about their relationship where it almost seemed like when one lacked confidence the other gave it to them, when one didn’t know what to do, the other one lead them, and when one of them would laugh the other one would laugh with them. You could see how they fit perfectly together. I think it’s one of the best parts of this job, getting to meet and know so many different people. Enjoy these pictures of Leighton, Kayla and Winston!

Mark Aycock