A River Ranch Engagement: Daniel & Carlee

Carlee, she was straight talk all business when I met with her and her mom. Throw her fiancé, Daniel (Will), into the mix, and she was nonstop laughter and smilies. It helps that Daniel was a complete and utter goof! I loved my time with this couple. I loved walking around River Ranch stopping at random places and watching them be totally perfect for each other. I love that we ran into the Lab to change clothes, fighting over who was paying for some tea, only to be told they were closed after I put my credit card in the card reader. #embarrassing. I loved that their change of outfit pictures turned into me just documenting a champagne picnic on the river! I especially love Daniel’s face when the cork comes off the bottle sooner than expected haha. Anyway, if you can’t tell I love this couple! Enjoy Daniel and Carlee’s Session!