Holy Family Catholic Church (Nashville): Mike & Jessica Lahey

I was so excited to shoot this wedding up in Nashville.  One, Mike is a long time friend of mine and I knew we'd have a lot of fun together.  (which we did)  Two, it's in Nashville, my old stomping grounds!  

Mike's wedding was pretty perfect.  The weather was off an on  rain that ended in a beautiful afternoon.  We were sneaking in and out of the church all morning grabbing some outside shots when we could and having fun inside when we couldn't.  Once the wedding was over, the sun was out to stay.  We dashed off to near by Crockett Park and had some fun taking some portraits of the newly weds!  From their, the night was danced away!  

I had so much fun at this wedding!  From the laughing to the crying, to the dancing, it was just a great day.  Thank you Mike and Jessica for letting me be a part of your wedding.  I can not wait to see where you guys go from here!